Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wanderlust -- getting lost in my forest

I will admit it, since the age of six when I decided to run away from home, I have been bitten by the little bug called Wanderlust.  It seeped into my bones and to this day lives, constantly whispering in my ear, 'see what's over the horizon.'

My husband puts up with my constant dreaming, encouraging it in fact.  He always tries to make me happy, (for that I am truly blessed), but I am sure he gets tired of it. If I had my way we would become vagabonds traveling in a gypsy caravan, but alas, he is a realist, not to mention that we have teens, needless to say they wouldn't enjoy it.

I ran away at the age of six, we had just moved into the deep woods of Kentucky. Even then Wanderlust had me! I set out  on a glorious day taking the gravel road in front of my home. It twisted and turned through the forest as I crossed cattle guards, splashed through creeks until I became utterly lost. Then it wasn't so much fun any more.

The sun clouded over, the wind blew against my face disorienting me all the more.  This trip did not go at all how I had planned. I wandered for for what I thought was hours, then my name echoed in the distance. A familiar voice calling to me.  It was my mom.  She appeared over the rise, head tied up in her usual black scarf, yelling my name.  I raced to her, landing softly in her warm embrace.  She never once scolded me or made fun. She simply took my hand and led me home.

After that day, I took it upon myself to learn my forest, every fallen log plotted and memorized, every tree became a lasting memory until I couldn't get lost if I tried. That is when the forest became my home, and to this day I can recreate it with such clarity that I merely have to close my eyes and I am there.

Writing is the same for me. Wanderlust still calls to me, but now, I merely go inside my mind, traveling to distant lands, experiencing imaginary worlds, getting lost in my own thoughts.  I thank God for my parents allowing me to dream, and get lost in the woods.