Friday, September 11, 2015

Puppy dogs, Korea, and an Agent..

Big things happened at the Poynter home this summer -

First thing this spring, for whatever reason, my mind wandered to soft, fluffy creatures, then a sweet melodic voice whispered sweet-puppy-wants in my ear.

Oswald sprang onto the scene. He is a barrel of monkeys on speed. Never without a smile and a slurppy wet kiss to welcome you. We have two old dogs, Molly and Nakita, ultra smart Border Collies. In their hay day they were bright and agile. In my picture-perfect-brain, those old dogs would train Oswald to behave.

Yeah, that didn't happen. They can't stand his puppy ways, so for now they have a tentative peaceful agreement. You stay on your side of the gate, and we'll stay on ours. But the sweet-puppy-want voice has been satisfied, and I can't imagine our home without him.

This leads me to Jack. 

Just last week, I received an email from a friend that a Korean Exchange student is in need of a home for the remainder of the school year. His original housing fell through. If you know our family, you know that Hannah, our youngest daughter, loves Korea and hopes to study there after graduation. Then of course, that set my mind to contemplating, what if Hannah was in Korea and needed a place to stay. I couldn't say no, and suddenly we are sprucing up Grandma's room into a Korean boy's room. Jack arrived Sunday evening. He is sweet, soft spoken, and wants to be a chef. He is actually cooking a traditional Korean meal tonight, and my mouth is already watering for it.

He is a little unsure about Oswald, but hey, so are we. 

This brings me to my third change...

A month ago I received a call from Agent Jessica Schmeidler of Golden Wheat Literary. I was giddy with excitement. We spoke at great lengths, found out we both love, the great outdoors, our family, and God. Oh, and she loved my writing. She has big plans for my book, A Light Murmur of Nothing, and I personally can't wait to see what the future holds with this endeavor.

If you would have told me two weeks ago that we were going to have a foreign exchange student from Korea in our home, I would have laughed my head off. If you should have told me six weeks ago that I'd have an agent, I would have said, "Yeah, right!"

But, God had other plans. His plans are far more complex than we can even comprehend, and in my older age, I'm going with it.