Thursday, February 20, 2014



So I have been shopping my YA fantasy novel for a brief five months, short compared to many. I still receive my fair share of rejections peppered in with some requests for more. 

Each rejection I log on to my tracking program. Watching as the percentages dwindle down with each entry. Needless to say it can run havoc with your self esteem. But since I waited in line several times for self esteem, mine is still in fine shape.  I think this might be the key:


Anything worth doing takes time and energy and just because one person says no doesn't mean I am a failure, it just means it wasn't right for them.  RIGHT?!? 

I used to be in sales where rejection was common, but I have to say, I have never 'sold' a piece of me. And that's what my writing is, a piece of me. My white knuckles clenched upon my manuscript, not letting go, but the more you release, the easier it becomes.  

So here is a list of what I am doing while waiting:

  • Take criticism, with a grain of salt, of course using it to improve my novel. Remove the 'oh poor me' glasses, and put on reality eye wear.  
  • Don't take rejection as a failure. We can all recount stories of other authors who struggled for many years. 
  • Begin a new work, each book you write should be better than your last. So I take this to heart! (Plus my new WIP is rocking right now, or at least I think so.)
  • Read. Reading makes one a better writer! I don't worry if I will be influenced, I just read!
  • Learn/Study - investigate industry terms, and agencies. Ready with a set of questions for when I do get an agent/publisher. 
  • I Praise God for allowing me the opportunity to write! I am so blessed to have a husband and family who support what I do and gives me the space to do it.
So what do you do while waiting for good news?  I want to hear it!

Luke1:37 ~ For nothing will be impossible with God.

Monday, February 10, 2014

How do you fit your writing into your life?

How do you fit in your writing?

Come on we are all busy, let's face it, we over schedule and then we like to use our being busy as an excuse to do things that are really important.  I know I have been guilty of just such a thing.  Seriously, even me.

I remember a friend and I were talking about how we are so busy and this other woman, with seven kids mind you, seemed to be able to do so much. I mean, how on earth could she possibly fit it all in?  We  finally figured out how she did it. ---- She didn't have a TV. Well, duh I could conquer the world if I didn't have a TV.

We both decided that we were not going that far. No Way. I mean TV is important for my brain function, right.  So we scrapped that idea and I decided I would come up with a different plan. Then it hit me.  A little word, simple really and all my problems were solved. You know what that word is already. NO.

The world did not come to an end, my kids lives went on. The sun shone brightly in my life. Angels sang. Okay, not all that but it did improve.
But I still need to carve out time for my writing so I set to work. Below is what I did. It might not work for you, but for me it is golden.

  1. Moved my office into my closet, (yeah, I have a big walk-in closet, and while I don't have any windows) I am off the beaten path, I can't hear hardly anything, not even my kids yelling for me to find something.
  2. Turn off social media when you are working. (Like Kryptonite twitter zaps my time) Twitter and Facebook are great ways to stay in touch, just turn them off when you are writing.
  3. Don't answer your phone, let your voice mail get it. Seriously, does anyone call any more, just text me. Please!
  4. Don't answer your door, of course, if they are carrying a big check then fine answer it.
  5. Set up a writing schedule, then I stick to it. (It doesn't always happen but there is at least a plan)
  6. Lastly ---- Write. Just let it flow, let it flow. Oh wait, that's a Disney song. 
What works for you? Do you have any tips then please share!