Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pitch Madness

The Excitements of Pitch Madness

I took a chance and participated in my first 'real' writing/pitch contest.  WOW, what fun, I am thoroughly caught up in the excitement of it all. Other's on twitter have put their pitches up, I thought I would do the same. Would I change something, probably my pitch, but I am constantly tweaking things. Well, here it is, my pitch and first 250 words:

YA Fantasy

Amber was stored on our world to save another, but death changed the plans. Cree was sent to bring her home. Together they must find out if their love is stronger than one man’s hate.


Unwilling tears stream down my face and I want nothing but to say goodbye to them. I am forever destined to be isolated and alone. Death bares one's soul to the elements and it has left me starved. If only my parents would have shared the secret they hid behind their every word, behind their every smile, their every touch. If only I would have asked.

A mere six months ago I didn’t pay attention to the riddles, but they existed nonetheless. Today, those haunting whispers gnaw at my bones, clouding my mind. Why didn’t they let me in on the mysteries? Why did they keep everything from me? But now it is too late to ask.

Everywhere I look I see them and today is no different. The vinyl kitchen chair squeaks under my weight as I sit down to sip my cup of sweet tea; a habit my father and I used to share. Dust floats on the June morning rays, casting what should be a rosy glow about the room. The yellow two-bedroom bungalow is warm, but quiet. It is always quiet now. My hand stretches across my parent’s red table, and I lower my head into the crook of my elbow, staring out the window at my mom’s flower garden; daydreaming. Remembering.

 “Hold your breath and make a wish when you see the dust float by Amber,” father had said the morning they died.

So that's it. March 18th can't come soon enough, my twitter account can't take all the Madness. Also, THANK YOU to all those involved with this Pitch Madness. You Rock!!