Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jiminy Crickets-- I'm about to be PUBLISHED!

SOOOOOOOOooooo  Okay! Seriously, my book THE LAST STORED will be available through Anaiah Press! So stoked about this.

I would do a backflip but my spine probably wouldn't survive. Someone, other than my family and friends, read my work and actually liked it. My characters, Amber and Cree, will live in the minds of others not just in my own bizarre brain. That alone is pretty incredible.

When might you ask will my young adult fantasy novel be available?  So glad you asked, 
January 2015!

But there is still so much to do. I am blessed beyond measure to be working with the talented people of Anaiah Press. They are walking me through each step of the process, from edits, book covers, to blog tours. My little book is in good hands, even though it is hard to let go of my baby.

Currently I am knee deep in edits. I've turned in my first round of developmental edits. Woohoo! Next content edits. So many man hours and people to get a book ready for 'print'. I am both overwhelmed and excited. Who would have thought when I first started my journey that I would make it this far.

Next week a little taste of what my book is about until then here is a nibble:

The Light stored three children on Earth to save their dying land.  Only one child survived, Amber. She alone holds the power to save this world. Now with the help of Cree, her protector, they must destroy the evil Lorthis before his wickedness bleeds to Earth.