Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I'm moving!

Not literally, but digitally.

In the next few weeks, I'm switching everything over to soniapoynter.com. I've loved my stay here at Willows Writer, but because of convenience, hey, I'm all about convenience, everything is switching over. So  all the blog posts you found here will be lugged over to there. Yes, it's an undertaking, but I love a good challenge, plus I need the exercise!

So, what's that site again?


Thursday, June 2, 2016

When the zombie virus got me down...

I was only going to take a few weeks off to get my back into shape, but let's be honest, those weeks turned into months.

My back issues knocked me for a doozy in February.

To solve the back issue, they put me on prednisone, which in turn lowered my immunity, then I came down with Shingles. UGH. It seemed to hang around like some creeper from a Criminal Minds episode. I remember coming out of my bedroom, when it was at its peak, and my family turned their heads because they had just witnessed patient zero of the zombie plague. Speaking of zombies, Shingles knocked me on my butt, not so much with pain, but more so with fatigue. I'm just now
poking my head out of my covers, and I can finally feel my energy returning. Oh, and my back and I have a fragile peace. I promise not to do any more home improvements if it promises to cool it on the pain.

But life stops for no man, or woman, and it sure didn't stop for me. From February to May, here is a shortened list of what went on:

  • Our youngest graduated from high school, and we held a Pretty In Pink Open House to celebrate the start of her adult life. Still can't believe she is done with home schooling. (It's a cliche, but sometimes cliches work - Where has the time gone.)
  • Our oldest graduated from her university in Ohio.
  • That same daughter took a job in Dubai. She leaves in August. Ask me later how I feel about that.
  • We celebrated four birthdays, albeit they were rather lame. (Sorry Jack, Hannah, Jeff, and myself for having the zombie virus.)
  • Finished my fourth book, Paper White, then sent it out to my betas, and my agent. (It will need to go through a few more editing rounds before its completely finished, but for now it's at a good place.)
  • I've been interning with my amazing agent, Jessica Schmeidler. (She is pretty impressive. She is also pretty and impressive too.)
  • Lastly, our Korean exchange student, Jack, had to return home. Not going to lie, I'm pretty sad about him going. I still expect to hear him come home from school. Seems that all my kids are leaving me this year.
It's funny how a minor sickness, cause lets face it, mine was pretty minor, can really make you stop. Only what was really important got done. When I was going through this, I was kind of mad, okay, I was just outright mad. I had stuff to do, you know. I needed to do this, this, and this. 

Funny, those things still got done, they just didn't get done to my perfectionist standards, and you know what? That's okay. God has a way of making you stop. In the midst of my whirlwind of a year, where all my kids are fluttering off along their own paths, I got to spend time with each of them just enjoying them. I'll never get that time back, but the memories, I'll keep for a lifetime, and I thank God for that. <3

Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.