Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sound Track to your life

I go through music phases with my writing. Take for instance my work in progress, a speculative fiction about a hanging tree.  Dark, brooding, with an underlying sense of hope. You might think that I would listen to some sort of classical music, such as Mozart Requiem, Inception. They all worked fine, but then quite by accident, I turned on my shuffle on my Pandora channel, and wouldn't you know the B-52's Rock Lobster came on. Seriously!

Suddenly my writing took on a beat all on its own. Who would have thunk it?!?! 80's music? Well, for me it worked. Now, constantly I'm mixing it up. Coldplay, Avett Brothers, Hans Zimmer, The Choir (who wrote one of the best songs ever called Circle Slide), Gungor, with a dash of Murray Head singing One night in Bangkok.
Music triggers so much emotion that I find it a natural addition to my writing process, pushing me along, driving me forward.

What do you listen to, to help your writing?