Monday, October 27, 2014

Tali - The Last Stored!

Since there’s only five days until my cover reveal, I thought I would talk a little bit about the world Tali from my book, THE LAST STORED. Plus, I'm chomping at the bit to share this land with readers!

Tali - 

Long ago Earth and Tali were united. The people traveled between worlds. The lands came together sharing their vast knowledge. They created things of beauty, and the people of both worlds lived in peace, but obscurity overtook Earth, what we named the Dark Ages, and for whatever reason Earth slammed the doors to Tali shut.

But the Keeper of the Light left three doors open, hidden from the inhabitants of Earth. Soon Earth lost all knowledge of Tali, but Tali never forgot of Earth. They still sing of it. Some even train to one day return to Earth.

So what is Tali like-

The taste of honey permeates the air. Emerald green birds soar through a cotton candy sky. The lowlands of Din are a vast plain of orange wheat. Flowers pop with colors we haven’t a name for. The Severhed Mountain range spires high in the north, and to the south the forest of Outerrat. This land used to abound with life, but Tali is dying.
Now the people of the Din have been forever changed, only one remains. The Severhed has become the very seat of evil, and the Outerrat the last stronghold of good is losing its grip.

Tali is waiting for THE LAST STORED to return…

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THE LAST STORED will be available January 2015 with Anaiah Press and