Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pinterest Board for you Novel

Today I thought I would talk about Pinterest and creating a board for your book.

But before I do that, I promised I would share a little about my up and coming book The Last Stored, which will be published through Anaiah Press  January 2015. Currently I am knee deep in edits, woozier, am I enjoying myself, trying to soak it all in, learn, and apply.  I can already tell a vast improvement, and I can't wait to share it with you all!  So what is my book about?


On the night eighteen-year-old Amber discovers a spoken letter from her dead parents, she also didn’t expect a boy to fly through her kitchen window. Her small-town life is forever altered as Cree explains he’s a Windrider, charged as her protector and tasked to bring her home to a different world.  

Amber was one of three children stored on Earth by The Light because they held the power to control the book of secrets. They were kept safe from the evils of Lorthis, who cursed their land and turned the people into his mindless slaves. The other two children were murdered as they returned home. Cree can’t let this happen to Amber, the last Stored. Only she has the power to close the book sealing Lorthis’s fate, but to do so Amber must come face to face with his wickedness. His touch might corrupt her soul forever. If they fail, Lorthis won’t stop with the destruction of their home, his depraved disease will bleed to Earth as well. 

Okay, now let's talk about Pinterest

I have been using their site for a while and I love it.  I keep a board up for each of my books I am working on, keeping it secret until I am ready to share. If I see a picture that applies to my writing, I pin it.  What do I pin?

  1. Book covers that I like which might work for my book.  
  2. Characters - I had one character in particular who I couldn't for the life of me picture.  I scoured the web until I found just the right image and after that he leapt off the page for me.  He quickly became one of my favorite characters. 
  3. Places - This is great for world building. Seldom do I find a picture which meets all my ideas, but I usually pick and choose what I like. 
  4. Textures - for example, just seeing a picture of leather can cause my mind to think about how it feels, smells, or the way it looks.
So why don't you give it a try, you will be surprised how much you enjoy it and how much it really grows your writing.  If you want to check out by board you can do so here: 
Everyone take care and Happy Writing!